How to Protect Employee Mobile Devices
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How to Protect Employee Mobile Devices

March 18, 22 - Posted in: Business
How to Protect Employee Mobile Devices

Get valuable insight into device protection and more in our recent TechTalk webinar

Reducing technology replacement costs, theft, and data breaches has become paramount for enterprises as today’s employees work remotely. 

Targus’ device protection expert, Dave Brown, who heads the marketing initiatives for distributor, enterprise and retail channels throughout the EMEA region, offered valuable insights during our recent Tech Talk webinar. He discussed all things device protection, including material selection, drop testing, product warranties, and more.

Now available on-demand, you’ll discover:

Why device protection is necessary to the modern enterprise.

Gartner reports that 48% of employees are now working remotely, at least partially. However, working from anywhere also brings with it a myriad of challenges and risks when it comes to protecting your employees’ devices and data.

Selecting the right devices and tech accessories for your employees.

With countless devices and tech accessories to choose from, what are the right features, materials, and qualities to look for? Learn how to navigate all your options to make the best possible technology purchasing decisions and reduce your business’s overall device replacement costs.

How to safeguard devices and data against theft.

Lost and stolen devices pose a security risk for the enterprise. Device locks and privacy screens are must-have tech accessories that protect your employees’ devices against theft or unauthorized use, as well as keeping confidential or sensitive data safe from prying eyes.

Protecting your devices can protect your employees, too.

Purchasing clean workspace solutions and tech accessories that offer added safety features help to keep your mobile workers protected against germ-causing microorganisms and injury when moving around with their devices.  

If you’re responsible for your organization’s device protection, management, and technology purchases, don’t miss this valuable webinar to help you build a better device protection strategy.

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