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Intel Graphics Driver Issue

May 06, 21 - Posted in: 2021, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Intel Graphics Driver Issue
The latest Intel Graphics Driver version is causing various issues with the DisplayLink software needed for proper universal docking station operation. Black external screens, slow and stalled PC, and driver crashes have been reported to Targus. This latest Intel Graphics Driver is sometimes installed as part of the 20H2 Windows 10 update. It may also be installed on Tiger Lake-based PC. Some users have reported issues with other version of the Intel Graphics Driver in the series

Intel Fix

Intel has posted updated Intel Graphics Windows 10 DCH Drivers. Targus has not validated this version of the Intel Graphics driver yet and is testing it for compatibility with Targus Universal Docking Stations and the DisplayLink software but so far it appears to fix the issues with the previous driver.

Synaptics DisplayLink Fix

The DisplayLink 10.1M1 software for Windows has also proven to contain a work-around for the issue.

Temporary Work Around

Many Targus universal docking station customers have found that rolling back to a previous Intel Graphics Driver version will restore functionality. However, this is not often possible for those who got the driver via the 20H2 update process or pre-installed on newer Tiger Lake-based PC. For these customers, it is recommended to uninstall the latest Intel Graphics Driver version and install one of the Other Versions from here.

Dell PC Recommendations (Newer Intel Graphics Driver)

Dell is also advising to update the Intel Graphics Driver, see here. It is not clear when this driver will be available from Windows Update but Targus believes this may be in next months (2nd Tuesday of the month) Windows Updates for Tiger Lake systems.

It is unclear whether any of the recommended remediation steps for the Dell Security issue described at this article may also load the latest Intel Graphics Driver.

Targus recommends following the Dell guidance, and then verify the desired Intel Graphics Driver is installed.

PC OEM Update Utilities and Processes

Targus recommends following OEM update and patch procedures and then verifying the desired Intel Graphics Driver is installed and functioning with the DisplayLink-based Targus universal docking station.


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