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MacBook® Doesn’t Support Multi-Stream Transport

November 16, 16 - Posted in: Tech Talk
MacBook® Doesn’t Support Multi-Stream Transport
The issue with USB Type-C docking (and video adapters, etc.) on MacBooks (2015-2016) is that Mac OS-X does not support DisplayPort (DP) 1.2 Multi-Stream Transport (MST). However, there are MST capabilities in most implementations of Windows and Linux OS platforms. Using Targus' DOCK410USZ, USB-C Universal Docking Station with Power Delivery Profile 4 (up to 60W) to both DP monitor ports will render displays, but the rendering will be in duplicate since there is only one DP stream from the host MacBook. It can be different from the local display monitor rendering (if not mirrored), but both external DP monitors will display the same thing. This is different in most other OS where three different things can be shown on the three monitors (the local plus two DP). If new MacBook users want to have two external monitors, we suggest using one of Targus' USB 3.0 docking stations.
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