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MTU Size Matters

April 23, 14 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
MTU Size Matters

A customer found that some of their remote users were having problems logging onto internal web sites over VPN when using the Targus Universal Docking Station's GbE port. If they used a local PC Ethernet port or wireless Ethernet, things were fine. What was eventually determined was that the MTU size for the Targus dock is 1500 bytes (default), but the VPN client had changed the MTU for the wireless and local PC Ethernet to 1300 bytes to match that particular vendor's switch. Once the MTU for the dock's Ethernet switch was matched to the switch, all worked well. For more information, c/o the excellent article.

Quite a common cause of slow/hanging web pages, and/or poor streaming, can be due to an incorrectly set MTU. For more information click here.  Note: The MTU data is shown in the support tool "Network Statistics.txt" file for Targus UDS. 

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