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Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

March 04, 22 - Posted in: Business
Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

Behind every great company and brand are its people. Here at Targus, we are fortunate to have a fantastic team of dedicated and hardworking individuals who make what we do possible – to bring the most innovative tech accessories that improve the lives of our customers in the US and globally.

Friday is National Employee Appreciation Day here in the US. However, as we are a global company, I want to give a special thanks to our employees all around the world, across functions, from product development and design, to supply chain and distribution, to finance, legal, HR, marketing, and sales.

I am amazed by the commitment and perseverance of all our employees who consistently execute on our mission and values so well to bring outstanding products and service to our customers, even during these unprecedented times. With this global pandemic, we have found new ways of continuing to execute and get it done. I believe, we have come closer together as a global team, and I know we will continue to build upon this success as we move forward and face new, yet perhaps different challenges.

On behalf of the entire leadership team, we say a big THANK YOU to all our employees for what you do every day.

A Closing Thought

I’d also like to share a final thought about the Ukraine and Russia conflict. Having spent a lot of time in both Russia and Ukraine during my earlier career, I am particularly shocked about what we are witnessing right now in Ukraine. We live in a global society, and we are all members of it. We practice this each day here at Targus. While we cannot directly change what is happening there, please join me in our hopes and prayers for a speedy resolution, without further loss of life or damage to the country.

Watching what is happening today in Ukraine, we are all reminded of how insignificant our own challenges may appear when compared to the daily fight for survival and life in Ukraine. Here in Anaheim, we have Kateryna who works in our accounting department. She is from Ukraine, and still her parents and extended family remain in there today and are suffering through what we watch on the TV. Please join me in holding her and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

As we celebrate our global employees, it’s important to acknowledge we are only a small part of a global society that should honor the principals of human dignity and respect.

If you want to find a reputable charity to donate on behalf of co-workers with families and friends in Ukraine, there is a list of highly rated charities involved in humanitarian relief, recovery, and peace-building efforts at Charity Navigator.

Mikel WilliamsCEO and Chairman of the BoardTargus

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