PC Poor: Not Everyone Has the Money to Upgrade
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PC Poor: Not Everyone Has the Money to Upgrade

May 17, 16 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
PC Poor: Not Everyone Has the Money to Upgrade

So, every PC OEM is urging you to buy a new higher-end PC. And even to some extent, Microsoft is pushing you to spend the money where Windows 10 runs best. But what if you don't have the money, or maybe you just like your current PC, even though it's a bit long in the tooth? Here are some less costly ideas for using a Targus Universal Docking Station to breathe new life into that old PC.

Add An External Display Monitor

Monitors have come way down in price in just the last year. A decent size 1920x1080 (1080P) monitor can be found for about $100. There are even 4K monitors showing up in the $500. Many studies have shown that adding a 2nd or even 3rd monitor boosts productivity. Besides, who doesn't like to have email open on one monitor, stock ticker (read Netflix) on another while using the main monitor to say write a blog article. Most older PC Graphics Adapters can handle the extra work, but be sure to update your drivers as explained in this previous blog post

Add A Few USB3.0 Ports

The proliferation of USB devices continues to rise. In addition, to need a port to charge our phone, we can use it to interface with our phone (use it, storage, etc.) We also have many more devices to charge, sync, and even use for content through our PC. Many of these devices now have USB3.0 Super Speed capability. Adding a Targus UDS with two or more USB3.0 and even a few more USB2.0 comes in handy. Thee DocKtor uses USB for charging and using his phone see more information in this previous blog post, syncing and charging his smartwatch, connecting a SuperSpeed flash drive with a live OS (Ubuntu,WTG, see more information in this previous blog post), a flexible USB camera (I don't find the one mounted in the PC of as useful), and of course his USB plasma ball and missile launcher. 

Add Surround Sound

The Targus UDS HDMI and DP ports contain 6-channel audio (i.e. for 5.1 surround sound). Movies are more immersive in surround sound and so you can get more work done by being more satisfied at work. At least this is how Thee DocKtor sold it to HR. Don't have Surround Sound media? Then use the Targus UDS external 3.5mm audio jack to add better stereo speakers to you current PC. The point is, adding the capabilities (aka features or IO) that your current PC, or even newer tablet PCs lack, by adding a Targus UDS can keep you satisfied with your current PC much longer than it used to.

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