Pick Your Poison!

Pick Your Poison!

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    When Targus says, "Universal Docking Station" the emphasis is on Universal. Almost any platform. Here's what that means at Targus.

You can use a single Targus Universal Docking Station (UDS) with any popular operating system.

This includes Windows of course but also Chrome OS, Android, Linux, and OS X. The Targus UDS model does not matter! Any of them work with just a single USB connection to the host.

You can use a single Targus UDS with any brand of model of host.

Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, etc. PCs. HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc. Chromebooks. Apple MacBooks. Android phones and tablets. Linux booting boxes. The model doesn't matter. Form factor doesn't matter. Tablet, 2-in-1, Hybrid, Laptop, NUC, Compute Stick, etc. Any of these and all of these work with any model Targus UDS with just a single USB connection to the host.

Even the USB connector doesn't matter.

USB Type A/B, micro-B, Type-C, etc. are all supported. So, whether you are looking to extend the life of your desktop workstation, or even just add some capability, say 4K monitor support, or if you are building out the ultimate multi-monitor workstation, Targus has a Universal Docking Station for you. Disclaimer: Nope, no iPad or iOS support anytime soon.

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