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Remote and Hybrid Work Are Here to Stay: Is Your Organization Ready?

December 03, 21 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Remote and Hybrid Work Are Here to Stay: Is Your Organization Ready?

In our entire history at Targus, we cannot remember a time more turbulent, nor seen a more rapid adoption of different types of technology and how we have come rely upon it. As we continue to adapt to our ‘new normal’, the need to understand people’s evolving expectations has never been greater for today’s business leaders.

That’s why Targus conducted a new workplace study, surveying 8,329 business leaders and office employees around the globe about the top priorities, trends, and needs shaping the modern workplace of today and tomorrow.

Here are a few of the key findings:

    • With hybrid and remote work here to stay, 86% of organizations state they have completed or are undergoing a digital transformation to support mobile workers. Yet, 52% of remote workers state they don’t have an ideal workspace and 24% report working from their couch.
    • Additionally, while most people (58%) prefer hybrid or remote working environments, only 36% of workers in North America describe themselves as hybrid or remote workers.
    • The top 3 priorities for everyone are sustainability, embracing new ways of working, and our physical and mental wellbeing. For instance, 70% of participants believe that sustainability should be a top priority for all businesses and many people are making those investments.

As companies everywhere face labor challenges, security concerns, and more, it’s critical to face these issues with all the knowledge and expertise possible. Find out what you can expect in the workplace in 2022, and beyond, to help you determine the key actions to take.

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