Troubleshooting Guide for Targus Docks and Devices

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Troubleshooting Guide for Targus Docks and Devices

Targus has revised The Docking Stations Troubleshooting Guide for its Customer Support Team. However, the guide is applicable to more than just Targus Docking Stations or even just Targus products. It can be used by IT Departments and, in many cases, end users of Targus docks and devices. Download Revised Guide (.PDF)

Most of the issues observed when using docks on Windows platforms can be solved with proper PC maintenance. Both Windows Updates and updates advised by PC manufacturers (i.e. should be implemented when troubleshooting or diagnosing issues.

USB and Ethernet Loss

There is an issue with USB function on Windows PC, especially on downstream facing Thunderbolt ports, that impacts many USB devices, not just Targus docking stations and devices. This issue is being addressed by appliable parties and is not controlled by Targus.

The issue can manifest as temporary loss of Ethernet, for example during a Microsoft Teams or Zoom call. The issue can also manifest as temporary loss of USB function or complete loss of USB function requiring a plug/unplug or a docking station. The docking stations or downstream-facing devices may in some instances be Yellow Banged in the Windows device manager.

Targus is testing a possible work-around to the issue(s). We suspect that by setting USB selective suspend to Disabled, USB 3 Link Power Management to Off and PCI Express Link State Power Management to Off the loss of USB, downstream Ethernet, and other related issues will be mitigated:
troubleshooting docks guide

Please contact us for more information, or to try the work-around script for configuring PCI Express Link State Power Management Control to “Off”.

Power Down and Restart Daily

Targus recommends re-starting your PC daily as this appears to mitigate many Windows issues. Targus also recommends restarting other platforms, including phones, and not just Windows PC. Also, it is good security practice to shut down your client device when not in use.

Please contact your Targus representative or DocKtor for further support or information.

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