Smart Docking Technologies for Efficient IT Management
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Smart Docking Technologies for Efficient IT Management

July 21, 23 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Smart Docking Technologies for Efficient IT Management

With dramatic changes happening in the workplace – from the work-from-anywhere movement to an increased global commitment towards protecting employees’ wellbeing and the planet – enterprises need the right tools for the job. Smart and connected devices are emerging as a game changer for how we live and work. 

During our recent Tech Talk webinar, Targus’ Vice President, Global Product Management & Development, Ronald DeCamp, Senior Global Product Manager, Commercial Connectivity Solutions Irfan Munir, and Vice President, Global Marketing & eCommerce, Andrew Corkill, explored how smart docking technologies, such as Targus’ unique Workspace Intelligence System, Miralogic®, make IT management more efficient, reduce energy consumption, and boost productivity in enterprise environments. 

In case you missed it, now you can watch the 30-minute session on-demand and read on for the highlights. 

Watch On-Demand 

The Changing Workplace is Impacting Employers 

Rising energy costs are likely to drive more people back into the office, which presents both an opportunity and challenge. Employers are looking for innovation in the areas of remote workspace management, as well as energy management and conservation. Sustainability metrics and green or LEED ratings continue to be important to businesses and their employees.  

What is Miralogic? 

Targus Miralogic is a unique, all-in-one Workspace Intelligence System (hardware and proprietary cloud-based software) that controls and optimizes workspaces. It’s designed for enterprise IT decision-makers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), IT and workspace managers, and the wider workforce. Miralogic is efficient, simple, secure, cost-effective, and actionable. 

How Miralogic Is Used 

Among its benefits, IT managers can leverage Miralogic to gain complete visibility and control over the entire device ecosystem, remotely and flexibly troubleshoot key problems for every end point and user, as well as foster more environmentally friendly and sustainable working practices. 

Learn More 

Watch the webinar for more insights into smart docking technologies and Miralogic, and find out how to sign up for our complimentary pilot program. 

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