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How Long Do Cell Phone Batteries Last?

How long do cell phone batteries last? That depends not just on your phone, but how you use it as well. Read our guide and learn more about your device.

Broken iPad and Tablet Screens are a Pain

The last thing your iPad or tablet needs is a broken screen. Read our guide now, order the gear you need from Targus, and keep your iPad working at top condition.

Health And Wellness Tips For The Busy Professional

With limited time and a busy schedule, you can still make small steps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a business professional. Uncover how you can benefit with the wellness tips listed.

Top 10 Tech Gifts This Holiday Season

Here is a list of the top 10 most desirable tech gifts for everyone in your life, regardless of their nerd level. 

Use Your iPad To Become The Most Productive Business Professional

Laptops, continue to become more compact, yet powerful. The iPad is a popular tablet that most people use or have readily available in the office.

Top 5 Haunted Destinations to Visit for Halloween

Escape the office by getting into the Halloween spirit this October by traveling to one of the most haunted destinations in the United States. Here are a few of the most haunted locations and the backpack that will be your best companion for any spooky travel plans that you dare to take this year.

How to Become a Professional Minimalist

If you would like to reduce clutter in your life, become that professional minimalist you’ve always wanted to be; this how-to will guide you through organizing your desk, computer, and show you the latest minimalistic laptop bags for your professional needs. 

Tips & Tricks on Navigating Swiftly through TSA Checkpoints

Airplane travel can be stressful but get excited knowing that airports really are an amazing place with zero stress if you follow these tips & tricks!
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