Targus adds ACA44 Type-C Adapter for USB Data and “3-Pin” Power

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Targus adds ACA44 Type-C Adapter for USB Data and “3-Pin” Power

Targus has released the ACA44 adaptor (a tip of sorts) for connecting the Targus "3-Pin" DC power cable implementations of Targus UDS with a USB Type-C Host at $59.99 SRP.

Figure 1: The "3-Pin" DC Power Supporting ACA44.[/caption] Like the ACA41, the ACA44 combines the USB Type-A Cable that normally would be connected directly to the host with the DC power cable, but in this case the 3-Pin DC power cable, from the DOCK171/177 or ACP71/77-80 (and higher) into a single USB Type-C connection to the host. A blue power LED lights up to show power is applied to the ACA44 from the dock. It auto negotiates USB Type-C Power Delivery 2.0 at It can even be used to supply power to MacBooks and phones with Type-C PD. Note, PD of 20VDC may require a dock PSU with 20.5VDC output. The ACA44 has been tested with various Windows PC, MacOS X, Chrome OS, and even the new Android based Galaxy S8 platforms.

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