Targus Introduces New “3-Pin” Power Tip Design and Tip System
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Targus Introduces New “3-Pin” Power Tip Design and Tip System

May 13, 17 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus Introduces New “3-Pin” Power Tip Design and Tip System


Targus is introducing a new "3-pin" power tip system for applicable Universal Docking Stations (UDS) and Universal Power Supplies (e.g. AC and DC chargers). The system includes a 3-pin DC cable and 3-pin power tip to replace the older 2-pin design. It will be included with the ACP71-80/81 and ACP77-80/81 models. The "81" also uses the 3-pin power DC cable and power tip set, but with a new PSU (AC charger) design. The new 3-pin power tips are NOT backward compatible with the older 2-pin tips. Targus also will release a two-conductor (old design) to three-conductor (new design) converter as model APX006. The new 3-pin power tips included in the latest Targus UDS versions are shown in this previous blog. The power tip markings are consistent with the host system that they support. Power tips that begin with the number "3" as in "3W" utilize the new 3-pin design and are used with the same host power connection (e.g. a letter) as the "W" 2-pin tip. The latest Targus UDS, DOCK171, and DOCK177, already come with a 3-pin DC cable (cable from the dock to the host, i.e., PC laptop) that supports the new 3-pin power tips. In addition, a 3-pin version of the popular ACC1009 (Hydra Cable) for securing multiple power tips and a 3-pin version of ACA44 (USB Type-C Multiplexer) will be available per the table below.


Targus is making this change to facilitate future-proofing its entire Universal Power Supplies and UDS product lines.


Model Availability
DOCK171 Now
DOCK177 Now
ACP71-80/81 Not Recommended for New Designs
ACP77-80/81 Not Recommended for New Designs
ACA44 Now
ACC1009 Now
APX006 Not Recommended for Docking Stations

What You Should Do:

Please review the new -80/81 tip assortment shown in this previous blog. If additional tips are needed, please contact your Targus sales representative for resolution. The Targus Power Tip Configurator tool can help you to determine what power tips you may need. NOTE: This is NOT an end-of-life notice for the ACP71 and ACP77.
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