Using Targus ACP71/77 and DOCK171/177 Power Tips
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Using Targus ACP71/77 and DOCK171/177 Power Tips

May 15, 17 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Using Targus ACP71/77 and DOCK171/177 Power Tips
The DocKtor is exposed to all kinds of unique things when using Universal products. Some of the more common mistakes, and their fixes, when using universal power from a dock ACP71, ACP77, DOCK171, or DOCK177 include:
  1. Be sure to use the correct power tip, not just one that fits. Many power tips look alike and may even fit in the host computer but it is important to reference the installation guide inside of the ACP71/77 or DOCK171/177 cover to match the brand/vendor of the host PC to the correct power tip. For example, many HP host computers use the tip "H2" but tip "H" will not work. A tip guide is also shown in this previous blog. Use the Targus Power Tip Configurator tool to identify the correct power tip.
  2. Be sure to insert the dock's AC charger (power supply) into the port labeled "POWER IN" and the DC power cable (from the dock to the correct host power tip) into the port labeled "LAPTOP POWER".
  3. The power tips are "keyed" to help with installation so be sure to pay close attention to the orientation so that the correct power tip is installed onto the DC power cable correctly (e.g. flat side inside the power tip should align with the flat side of the DC power cable). The power tip should fit snug with minimal effort when installing.
  4. Lastly, be sure the dock's power switch (on the back), is turned on and the AC charger (power supply) is plugged into a known good power outlet (e.g. wall socket or power strip). Do not use any adapters to bypass the ground plug and use only the Targus Power Supply Unit (PSU aka "brick") supplied with the dock.

Watch this short video explaining

Always, feel free to call the Targus support line with any questions.

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