Targus and Hyper Ethernet Adapters Application Note
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Targus and Hyper Ethernet Adapters Application Note

September 22, 22 - Posted in: 2022, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus and Hyper Ethernet Adapters Application Note

Targus and Hyper utilize various Ethernet solutions in docking stations and other network connectivity products. Due to obsolescence, supply chain issues, or technological advancements, it is sometimes necessary to change the Ethernet solution in Targus and Hyper products. 

Generally, the Network adapters used in Targus products will function by employing the in-box drivers for various platforms and any OS supplied updates to them.  However, to utilize the specific features of a given Network adapter, see below, and to realize the best performance and stability Targus recommends the associated manufacturers’ drivers that are posted on the product support pages, i.e https://www.targus.com/form/download.aspx?regionid=7&sku=DOCK419USZ&tab=driver 

Targus and Hyper Ethernet Adapters Application Note

Additional Support 

For Technical Support, please visit: 

US Internet: http://targus.com/us/support  

Support Number: 800.283.6325 

Canada Internet: http://www.targus.com/ca/support 

Australia Internet: http://www.targus.com/au/support  

Email: infoaust@targus.com, Telephone: 1800-641-645 

New Zealand Telephone: 0800-633-222 

Latin America Email: soporte@targus.com 

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