Targus Releases MAC Address Clone Utility Version 1.0.5 for macOS

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Targus Releases MAC Address Clone Utility Version 1.0.5 for macOS

Targus has finished engineering testing of the Targus MAC Address Clone (TMAC) utility version 1.0.5. 

The free utility and associated manual can be downloaded from any of the compatible Targus Docking Station product pages or the Targus Support site here: Free Utility And Associated Manual (Download .ZIP)

What It Does

The Targus MAC Address Clone utility is configured to work with macOS™ starting with 10.14.  The Targus MAC Address Clone Utility runs as a Launch Daemon (service) which automatically replaces (spoofs) the Media Access Control (MAC) address of a connected Targus Docking Station Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Network adapter with the MAC address of the connected MacBook’s built-in WiFi network adapter.

TMAC enables selective access to the Targus GbE port by a host MacBook. This functionality enables 802.1X white-listing methods so that only corporate white-listed MacBooks can utilize the Targus GbE port.

Problems the software solves

  1. Prevents unauthorized users from accessing the corporate network through the Gigabit Ethernet adapter on Targus Universal Docks.
  2. Network access can be restricted based on the MAC address of authorized devices.
  3. Cloning the MAC address on the Targus Docking Station with that of the connected PC ensures only authorized devices can connect to the network.
  4. If the MAC address of the connected device is not on the Access Control List or Whitelist, then it will not be allowed onto the network.
  5. Enables organizations to enforce existing security controls while still realizing productivity/efficiency gains from using Targus docking stations.

Release Notes

This release Version 1.0.5 is the first release supporting M1 based MacBooks and Big Sur.

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