Targus Universal Docking Station Training (Part 2 of 5)
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Targus Universal Docking Station Training (Part 2 of 5)

July 10, 20 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus Universal Docking Station Training (Part 2 of 5)


Welcome to our docking stations training.  In our second session we will cover what makes Targus unique and different in the world of docking stations.

Targus is constantly planning new products and innovations; artificial intelligence, smart docking, Internet of Things and some of the newer technologies you may be hearing the buzz words about are being implemented in designs right now.

One of the innovations unique to Targus is our exclusive enterprise software suite.  This software suite includes:

  • Our MAC Address Clone utility,
  • Our Targus Wi-Fi AutoSwitch utility and
  • Our Targus A/V Configuration utility 

These utilities are available free to your customers and work only with the Targus's Universal Docking Stations.

Targus's Wi-Fi AutoSwitch utility. What that does is when you plug a Targus Universal Docking Station into your PC it disables the local wireless LAN.

Targus A/V Configuration utility. A lot of customers find value in the Targus A/V Configuration Utility. Let me show you what it does. Basically, what you see here is I have a computer docked with a couple of external screens. I've got a couple of windows open. I've got icons on those external screens. Now, if I undock, as you would expect, everything comes back to my main monitor, both my applications, all of my icons are there.

Now, if I re-dock, what will happen is those application windows will go back to the screens they were on, and you'll notice the icons already have; it takes a moment to work. And while that happens, without this A/V configuration, utility Windows doesn't put them things back where they were. You have to actually drag and drop them. This can be cumbersome if you have a lot of icons or a lot of applications open. So that's the value of the Targus A/V Configuration utility.

Targus Mac Address Clone.  What this utility does is when you connect to Targus's Universal Docking Station with an active Ethernet connection, it clones the MAC address from the local machine.

Targus provides global support. Field application engineers like me are here to provide all aspects of dock selection from customer evaluation, testing, deployment, installation and even troubleshooting.

Targus was the first to provide industry leading three-year warranty on all our docking stations. But you'll find your customers rarely return them because of our high quality, high reliability and their universality.

Targus has a docking station for every application to review what we learn in this session. Targus differentiators are:

    • global applications engineering
    • industry leading three-year warranty,
    • high reliability solutions and

Our Targus Utilities for docking stations are free to your customers.

    1. Targus Mac Address Clone
    2. Targus Wi-Fi Auto Switch
    3. Targus A/V Configuration utility
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