Intro to Targus Truly Universal Docking Stations Vlog (Part 1 of 5)
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Targus Universal Docking Station Training (Part 1 of 5)

July 10, 20 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus Universal Docking Station Training (Part 1 of 5)

Transcript: Introduction to Targus Truly Universal Docking Stations

Welcome to the Targus Universal Docking Station training series. I am Kevin Quinn, otherwise known Thee DocKtor. In our first video series we will cover Targus’ Universal Docking Stations and what is meant to be by “Truly Universal”.

Targus makes a variety of docking stations, our industry leading and flagship DOCK190, our quad docking station our DOCK570 or even our DOCK520 and DOCK180 are truly universal docking stations. Everything from dual monitors support to quad monitor support, 2K to four 4K, docks that are made for a travel situation and docks that will go on your desktop.

Many companies say their docking stations are universal and they mean it and they are right to some extent. For instance, at Dell, they will sell you a “universal docking” station that works with all Dell PCs and may work with some other brands and some other platforms.

But at Targus, when we say, “truly universal”, they're great for hoteling and hot desking applications,where,somebody is coming in and needs to use the corporate infrastructure and need a universal dock. Our docking station works with all the Dell PCs, all the HP PCs, all the Lenovo PCs, even MacBooks, Android devices, Chromebooks and even Linux PCs. At Targus when we say truly Universal Docking Station, we mean it both just for the docking and for the power.

Let me show you what that means for your customers. For instance, our target type C docking stations, will develop what's called a power contract with just about any PC that will take power on Type-C, Mac books, Android PCs, Android devices, Linux PC and Chromebooks, all of those, the type C since work and a lot of other docking stations do also. Where Targus is a little bit different and differentiated is,we work on every type C we've ever seen. Onthe type A connection where you don't have a Type-C port that takes power we also support that; and that's what makes us universal power or universal in the power sense. There with our docking stations that support it you can use the old-fashioned legacy type barrel power, if you will, andthe target tip system. The tips come in the box with those docking stations that will hook up to a Dell, Lenovo, HP for any Targus docking station that supplies power we have a tip for that PC that it goes with.

Targus, has a dock for every application. To review what we learned in this session, Targus universal docking stations are truly universal. We have universal power and universal docking.

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