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Targus Validates DisplayLink Manager Graphics Connectivity Release 1.7.1 for Monterey 12 and Big Sur 11

September 02, 22 - Posted in: 2022, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus Validates DisplayLink Manager Graphics Connectivity Release 1.7.1 for Monterey 12 and Big Sur 11

Targus has validated the new DisplayLink Manager Graphics Connectivity Release 1.7.1 for macOS Monterey 12 and Big Sur 11 including M1 and M2 based MacBooks. The release is available online for applicable Targus Truly Universal Docking Stations.

Targus validated Release 1.7.1 with Targus Media Access Control (MAC) Address Clone Docking Station Utility (TMAC) and it will function with any Targus Universal Docking Stations models DOCK1XX, DOCK3XX and DOCK5XX.

Before updating to this release, Targus recommends updating Big Sur as explained in our blog post titled USB-C Dock: Don’t Brick My MacBook®!

macOS Limitations

  • Protected content from iTunes and other players is not visible on built-in graphics when DisplayLink screens are connected.
  • Manual Ethernet speed setting is not retained across reboots.
  • The list of available resolutions and the default resolution for 4K displays depends on the type of connection (HDMI or DisplayPort).

To see a more complete list of resolutions follow these steps:
- Open the Displays preference in System Preferences
- Go to the Display Settings for the DisplayLink screen
- While keeping the option key pressed, select the "Scaled" option for the list of resolutions.

Know Issues and Limitations

  • An updated list of troubleshooting suggestions is available at the Display Link Knowledge Base
  • It is not possible to unlock the MacBook via Apple Watch when screen saver is running/enabled
  • Some resolutions, especially HiDPI/ Retina ones, may be missing on Apple M1 based Macs (29526)

Release Notes

Changes in 1.7.1 (this) release

  • Added support for new DisplayLink DL-6350 products
  • Improved labelling for monitor settings
  • Fixed the issue with disabling two or more displays with identical names and serial numbers (PS1901)
  • Fixed LAN sent package status for half-duplex 100M fixed switch config (VIFR1040)
  • Fixed timing issue on some modes with Dell AW2721D monitor (VIFR1045)

Changes in 1.7.0 release

  • Enabling color-temperature support (beta stage) - compatible with 3rd-party tool f.lux
  • Enabling system sleep on display-closed mode via DisplayLink Manager user interface
  • Disabling screen options via DisplayLink Manager user interface

Changes in 1.6.2 release

  • DL-6xxx with RTL8211E-VLVB improved Ethernet throughput at 10M100M link speed (VIFR-994)
  • DL-1x5 Improved interoperability with monitors offering high refresh modes (VIFR-717)

Changes in 1.6.1 release

  • Fixed issues with "Show Desktop" feature where displaying desktop using Hot Corners can make some desktop icon unresponsive (PS1603, VIFR799)
  • DL-6xxx: improved support of low voltage Ethernet PHYs (WS2393)
  • DL-6xxx: Fixed app freeze when connecting tiled 5k (5120x2880) monitor via two DP cables and changing resolutions (PS1573)

Changes in 1.6 release

  • Enabling display rotation via DisplayLink Manager user interface on Apple M1 computers running macOS Monterey 12
  • DL-41xx: improved firmware flashing time, visible from following update onwards
  • DL-6xxx: adding RTL8211FD-VX and RTL8211E Ethernet PHYs (WS1597)
  • Since 1.6 Beta with Apple M1, improved handling rotation of monitors with identical serial number and name (PS1447)
  • Since 1.6 Beta with Apple M1, improved red monitor outline behavior (PS1438)Beta: Apple Watch unlock when resuming displays from sleep (33190)

Please contact your Targus representative or DocKtor for further support or information.

US Website: http://targus.com/us/support
Telephone: 800.283.6325

Canada Website: http://www.targus.com/ca/support

Australia Website: http://www.targus.com/au/support
Email: infoaust@targus.com, Telephone: 1800-641-645

New Zealand Telephone: 0800-633-222

Latin America Email: soporte@targus.com


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