Connecting 4x4K UHD Displays to Your MacBook
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The Perfect Solution for 4x4K UHD Display Monitors with A MacBook

August 19, 19 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
The Perfect Solution for 4x4K UHD Display Monitors with A MacBook

Targus has come up with the perfect solution to add four external 4K UHD display monitors to you MacBook, and at the same time keep the MacBook fully powered and charging the battery through a single Type-C cable port connection. 

The Targus DOCK570 used with the latest software from DisplayLink supported in both Mojave and Catalina enables the external display monitors, all four, to render 3840x2160 P60 video in a wide color space!

Because the DOCK570 can delivery up to 100Wdc power, it supports the MacBook Pro Power Delivery (PD) Contract at 87Wdc without the need for battery power in high CPU/GPU applications. This is not the same where other dock suppliers claim 100W of power but are providing less or not really providing power but utilizing PD Pass-Through. No PD Pass-Through here; the DOCK570 is real power from the docking station. There is absolutely no need to carry the separate power supply that came with the MacBook. Leave it at home or tucked away in your Targus backpack for emergencies.  

The ability to provide full power to the MacBook while the system is also rendering four 4K UHD display monitors makes the DOCK570 the perfect fit even when compared with a Thunderbolt dock or other Alternate Mode docking station. No need for MST support that MacBooks don’t have. The Targus DOCK570 supplies all four video sources via the industry-leading DisplayLink compression software over USB albeit on a Thunderbolt port. It just works!

Not need to find a Wireless AP either. The DOCK570 can do all this and supply a full wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet link supporting secure LAN/WAN connectivity.  And it has five Downstream Facing USB ports for peripherals. Four USB Type-A SuperSpeed Ports, one of which is BC1.2 fast charging for your iPhone, and a USB Type-C SuperSpeed+ port for a fast flash memory or other storage device connection. There is even a 3.5mm port for using headphones to listen to Apple Music (the artist formerly know as iTunes).

If more than four 4K external monitor displays are needed, and you have at least 32GB or DRAM, you can even plug another DOCK570 into the DOCK570 powering the MacBook and get up to eight 4K monitors! 

I should also note, the DOCK570 also works on Windows and other platforms, check out our previous blog for more information

Targus DOCK570 really is the perfect solution for power and multiple external monitors supporting MacBook.

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