Targus Releases ACA46 and ACA47 USB Type-C Adaptors
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Targus Releases ACA46 and ACA47 USB Type-C Adaptors

August 14, 19 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus Releases ACA46 and ACA47 USB Type-C Adaptors

Targus released the ACA46 and ACA47 adaptors (tips of sorts) for connecting the Targus ACP71/77 or DOCK 171/177 DC power cable with a USB Type-C Host.

The ACA46 supports only the 3-Pin host power cable implementations of the applicable dock. The ACA46 supersedes the ACA44.

The ACA47 supports both the 3-Pin and 2-Pin DC host power cable docks. For more information read our previous blog about power tip design. 

New Features and Higher Power 

Both the ACA46 and ACA47 have additional voltage levels and associated power contracts to provide up to 85W of power for hosts that accept USB Type-C power.  A blue LED indicates USB Power Delivery.  Both provide reverse voltage connection protection.  A red LED indicates reverse power connection.


Both are supported by Targus Dock Utilities and can be used with the ACC1009.

Both have been validated with various Windows PC, macOS, Chrome OS, and Android-based platforms.

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