There’s A Power Tip For That
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There’s A Power Tip For That

February 27, 15 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
There’s A Power Tip For That

In relation to powering and charging PCs and MacBooks the DocKtor is often asked three questions:

1. Is there a power tip for my PC or MacBook?

Since there is a tip for most, say 99% of what is out there, its probably easier to say what is not currently compatible. There are no power tip for the Microsoft Surface. Targus is working on one for the Surface Pro 3, see There is no tip for the Lenovo Yoga 3, see There is no power tip for any of the MacBooks because Apple is not willing to license the magnetic lock patent. And, there are no tips for the Panasonic Toughbooks because they are 15VDC(in) and the Targus docks are 19.5VDC(out). There are also ways to power and charge using the Mini-USB 5V connection on tablets like the HP Stream7, Dell Venue 8 and Venue 11 Pro cabled to the USB charging port on any of Targus' Universal Docking Stations. i.e.

2. Does it come with the ACP71 or ACP77?

Targus periodically updates the power tips included with each of these models to be sure that the popular PC from Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus and others are covered. The Item number shown just by the model number on the bottom of the dock changes for each new set of tips. Also, ff you find you need a tip not included with your dock, or if you change PC and need a different tip than what was included with the dock when you bought it, Targus can supply it. Targus also understand that tips occasionally "walk away", so don't be shy about asking your Targus sales provider for a power tip.

3. What PC or MacBooks can be used with the ACP71 (or ACP77)?

Any MacBook with OSX 10.6 or better and and PC with a USB connection running Windows XP or better can be used with any of the Targus Universal Docking Stations. However, only the ACP71 and ACP77 can power and charge a host PC. For a more comprehensive explanation see

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