Universal Docking Station Applications
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Universal Docking Station Applications

January 19, 15 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Universal Docking Station Applications

IT departments are demanding products that can work across a broader range of hardware vendors. We are seeing a huge increase in the number of partners who are adopting CYOD and allowing employees to choose a laptop or tablet that best suits their role. The following are just a few examples of cost-effective applications enabled by Targus Universal Docking Stations.

Retail & Broadcasting

  • There have been a number or rollouts in the USA, UK, Germany, and Australia where retailers have moved head offices and reduced the number of desks - Agile working is a frequently used term in these situations.
  • Employees were encouraged to consider the desk as a workspace, and not theirs to own - lockable cupboards were provided for personal belongings.
  • Hot-desk spaces were frequently fitted out for Dual Screens enabled by our ACP70 Docking Station
  • For permanent desk spaces, our ACP71 Dual Screen with Power allowed users to choose the power tip to keep devices charged.
  • The IT Spend/Workspace Effectiveness decision makers are broadening. During one project a HR director became involved and requested whether a "clean desk policy" was possible. We found a bespoke solution by providing a longer cable in the color they requested so the docks could be placed under their desks while still ensuring maximum productivity for employees.


  • One of our partners were looking to expand their employee offering on laptops and tablets to embrace CYOD and offer a choice
  • They started testing a number of devices but found an immediate challenge to productivity and a spike in IT demand as people found challenges connecting devices to screens, headsets, and screens.
  • We installed ACP076 our Single Screen Universal docks into a core section of the estate and there was a rapid improvement in productivity as the drivers were put into the laptop build stage to avoid any connectivity issues later. Roll out to more employees continues.
  • We have also provided a multiscreen solution, so our ACP70 Dual Screen** has been rolled out to certain job functions where the increase in productivity was seen as a tangible benefit to both our client and their end customers.
  • We have suggested this mixed estate approach to a number of clients and typically this sector now take all of our Docking products including the ACP71 Dual Screen Powered Dock. One solution for where the workspace needs to be flexible to support desk-sharing as well as permanent, with device charging available at every desk it saves the user needing to keep unraveling power supplies as they move around the office space.
  • The client also chose to simplify their new starter packages and they selected a range of our laptop bags, backpack, and USB accessories to ensure there was a range of compatible accessories available from the start of a new employees


  • The banking sector has long been used to multi-screening however a Banking client came to us wanting to - simplify their workspace strategy - support future expansion of IT hardware into a multivendor approach - Reduce in use lifecycles
  • We had the right solution. By selecting the ACP70 Dual Screen Universal Docking Station they weren't tied to one vendor and their TCO is likely to drop over a traditional 3 year period as they will not need to replace the docks, but can swap out employees IT hardware more frequently than before giving productivity gains where they are needed.


  • A client was approaching their hardware refresh cycle so a number of laptops, tablets, convertibles and more were put out to pilot across the estate.
  • The positive response from the employees led the client to search for a docking solution that would allow their IT teams to create a simple and consistent workspace environment across their different sites.
  • While many universal docks were available, the Targus Dual Screen ACP70 was put into pilot across a number of sites as this was felt to offer the best screen resolution and the simplest interface.
  • Critical to Targus being selected as their partner - Our solutions are brand and hardware agnostic. One partner to work with on new build or driver solution to ensure a smooth rollout and upgrade path over time.
  • Another client's "Exec Team" found themselves short of USB ports having adopted the Lenovo X1 - a slim Ultrabook
  • Our USB 3.0 Hub with Gigabit Ethernet ACH122 was rolled out to a number of the team
  • The hub provided an additional three USB3.0 ports and a secure fixed line 10/100 Ethernet connection which was felt to further increase productivity.
  • USB 3.0 Hub with Gigabit Ethernet ACH122 was subsequently added to the approved hardware list for all employees.

Whether BYOD or CYOD our Universal Docking Stations are compatible across Windows PCs, Windows Tablets including Surface Pro3 & MacBooks and Ultrabooks, with added functionality to support other platforms soon. Contact Targus to organize a test drive of our Docking Stations for you and your colleagues.


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