Why work with Targus?
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Why work with Targus?

January 20, 15 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Why work with Targus?

We can help you drive TCO down and employee choice up

  • Swap out hardware and integrate new devices there is no need to change the Docking Solution - an enduring investment.
  • Integrate our Universal USB solution into your business & reduce your Docking total cost of ownership over 2-3 years

We provide consultative technical support

  • With on-hand, IT resources during the pilot, roll out and beyond
  • Unique 3-year warranty on all of our Docking Stations.

Our Solutions deliver leading-edge USB3.0 technology

  • USB Technology is a sustainable, universal and powerful technology
  • Our Universal Docking Stations use USB 3.0 Superspeed
  • Future proofed roadmap with NEW Docking Stations to support the new USB 3.1 standard due in 2015!

Our Solutions truly support BYOD/CYOD

  • Giving you the freedom to deliver as much choice as you want to improve employee satisfaction
  • Whether BYOD or CYOD our Universal Docking Stations are compatible across Windows PCs, Windows Tablets including Surface Pro3 & MacBooks and Ultrabooks, with added functionality to support Chromebook and more coming soon.

Our Solutions help to improve Productivity by more than 50%!

  • Mobile devices are enabling us to work with ever greater flexibility - hot-desks, shared offices, meeting rooms
  • A traditional workspace is still fundamentally important, allowing users to work productively in a comfortable environment
  • Targus Universal USB3.0 Docks enable laptops, tablets, MacBooks, and Ultrabooks to be connected to desktop monitors and peripherals via one simple USB connection. Plug In, switch on and start working.
  • Going one further by plugging devices into a desk with multiple screens, can see productivity increase by more than 50%
  • One standard desk set up regardless of device helping to deliver optimum output from the employee's valuable work time.
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