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Business Travel Guide: 4 Charging Solutions for Keeping Your Devices Powered up While on the Road

May 30, 23 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Business Travel Guide: 4 Charging Solutions for Keeping Your Devices Powered up While on the Road

When traveling for business, you’ve got a lot to worry about. Layovers, hotel arrangements, travel to and from your client site, and more.

But more important than all else is ensuring that your tech remains adequately charged for the duration of your trip. After all, there is nothing more embarrassing (and potentially deal-breaking) than a dead laptop battery during a critical presentation.

But now that the FCC is suggesting that travelers avoid public USB charging stations, you might be wondering how to juice up on the go. And how to be self-reliant with your charging capabilities. In this article, we’ll cover how to pack chargers for travel. We’ll also explore some of the best travel chargers for multiple devices.

A Reliable GaN Wall Charger

It’s likely you have multiple devices that will need charging on your trip. This could include your laptop, your phone, your tablet, and more. It’s also likely that your devices use a variety of charging ports, including USB A, USB C, etc.

With the right GaN charger, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, and all on various plug styles. Look for one such as this one, which handles up to 18W of power. It also plugs right into the wall, so you don’t need to mess with any dicey public USB plugs.

The GaN charger is often thought of as one of the best portable chargers for travel.

A World-Ready Travel Adapter

International charging is complicated. With countless plug styles and voltages across the globe, it can be challenging to always carry the right plug style.The perfect international plug adapter should:

  • be compatible with plugs in all of the world’s travel destinations
  • handle multiple voltages and amperages
  • offer all of that in a single, travel-sized package

Look for a power adapter that can be changed depending on your location. The best power adapters and chargers are compatible with voltages across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and North America, such as this one. With a swappable plug style, you can ensure your devices are protected from surges.

An All-in-One Travel Adapter

If you plan to visit multiple countries on your journey, you will need a travel adapter that’s designed with all of the world’s charging standards in mind.

With the right worldwide style travel power adapters and chargers, such as this one, you can say goodbye to lost adapter plugs and avoid the moment when you realize you don’t have the right plug on hand.

Avoid paying a premium for the travel adapters available at the airport or hotel. Pack your suitcase with a modern travel adapter and you’re sure to be charge ready wherever you go.

Travel Chargers for Multiple Devices in the Car

 If you’re planning to drive while en route to and from your destination, the car is a great means to keep your tech charged. Plus, if you plan to use turn-by-turn directions when driving in an unfamiliar place, it’s essential that you keep your phone topped off and ready for use.

Just be sure to use a multi-device car charger that can handle charging multiple devices simultaneously over USB. Now, even when you’re away from a traditional outlet, you don’t have to worry about a low battery.

Good Travel Tech Means Good Travel Prep

Whether you’re traveling close to home or across the globe, packing your suitcase with the right travel charger is an essential trip prep step. Don’t simply buy your chargers anywhere. Look for the best chargers for travel from the best mobile charging providers.

Targus is your partner to ensure your trip is packed with all of the must-have travel tech.

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