Transforming Your Samsung Device into an All-in-One Desktop and POS Ex
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Transforming Your Samsung Device into an All-in-One Desktop and POS Experience

June 16, 23 - Posted in: 2023, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Transforming Your Samsung Device into an All-in-One Desktop and POS Experience

As a Global Tier 1 strategic partner to Samsung, Targus creates and develops tech accessories that support the Samsung Mobile ecosystem of devices. Our innovative solutions create a seamless multidevice experience across a variety of industries and applications, designed to maximize customization, flexibility, and mobility.

During our recent Tech Talk webinar, Targus’ Senior Director of Global Product Management & Development Mike Sexton and Vice President, Global Marketing & eCommerce Andrew Corkill explored how Targus’ mobile docking and mPOS solutions extend users’ experiences to maximize productivity from the connected devices they rely on every day. We also explored the unique benefits of leveraging these solutions across a variety of industries and applications.

In case you missed it, you can now watch the 30-minute session on-demand and read on for more highlights of what you missed.

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Connected devices are on the rise

According to Statista, this year, there are 13.4 projected connected devices per person in the US, compared to just eight per person in 2018. There were another 125 million more laptops and tablets in use in 2021 over 2020; just a fraction of the total 6.2 billion devices in use globally, according to Gartner (2021).

What is DeX and why is it unique?

Samsung DeX is a PC-like experience powered entirely by your Samsung Galaxy® mobile device, designed to increase productivity and convenience. Connect your phone or tablet to a bigger screen, keyboard, and mouse, interact with multiple apps at a time, email/text/IM, browse the web, conduct audio/video meetings, and much more. Most Android and iOS devices do not have these DeX-like capabilities.

Mobile docking and mPOS enable more productivity with your connected devices

Targus’ mobile docking and mPOS solutions work seamlessly across Samsung phones, tablets, and PCs to enable a full desktop experience, work easily with your tablet on the go, and turn your tablet into a mobile payment processing solution.

Create a seamless user experience with Targus’ solutions ecosystem.

Targus has created a purposeful ecosystem of protective cases, docking solutions, and tech accessories to work seamlessly with Samsung phones, tablets, and laptops to provide enhanced protection, functionality, connectivity, security, and payment processing abilities.

How Belgian Railways Transformed its Customer and Employee Experience with Targus + Samsung DeX

For example, the National Railway of Belgium (SNCB) turned to Targus’ Tablet Cradle Workstation and Samsung tablets into a full DeX experience to reduce customer service time, as well as reduce or eliminate staff transfer. As a result, SNBC improved its efficiency by 47% efficiency by allowing employee tasks to be done in less than half the time.

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Watch the webinar for these valuable insights, where you can also find out how to sign up for your complimentary consultation with one of our solutions experts.

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