How To Maintain and Update Your PC

How To Maintain and Update Your PC

Part of the responsibilities of a Targus DocKtor is to troubleshoot issues that arise when using Targus docking stations. These issues can range from flickering monitors to network connectivity problems. While it may be easy to attribute problems to the docking station being defective, we find the majority of issues are actually caused by the host laptop - specifically an out-of-date driver on the laptop.  The graphics driver, chipset, BIOS and other components all impact the performance of the docking station and the laptop itself. That’s why it’s a good security practice to make sure your laptop has the most current drivers and security patches. So, where do you go to make sure your laptop is up to date? We generally direct customers to the individual OEM support sites, such as But, that’s where things can get a little more complex especially as it relates to enterprise customers. Dell, for example, has multiples sites that customers can access to download drivers and each one is updated differently. A few of the different Dell support options are provided below:

1. Dell Support Site – this is the primary support site which posts the most current driver updates available. Users can enter a Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Mode to access a listing of available drivers. User can also utilize Dell's SupportAssist application to automatically detect the PC and run diagnostic and driver-update scans.

2. Dell Command Update software – A solution for getting all the latest drivers, firmware, and BIOS updates for your Latitude, Optiplex, and Precision systems. You can use Dell Repository Manager to create a local repository of updates that Dell Command Update will use.

3. Dell Driver Pack Catalog - Provides metadata about the latest System and WinPE Driver Packs released by Dell. It supports Dell Tablets, Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision systems. It allows customers to locate and download the current Dell Command | Deploy Driver Packs (k.a Driver Packs or CABs) with the automation method of their choice. Driver Pack Catalog and Driver Packs are updated as per the release schedule.

4. Dell Family Driver Packs - is a tool that enables you to download the latest Dell Family Driver Packs for your Dell systems. It allows you to configure and select different Dell models, OS, and BITS versions to customize which Family Driver Packs you will get. Each time the tool is re-launched it can check for new versions based on the configurations you selected previously and keep your Family Driver Packs up to the currently released version. 


In terms of priority, the primary Dell support site has the most current driver and firmware downloads. The other methods are updated on a release schedule and may not be as current as the primary support site. This is why we direct customers to check with the primary support site even if they think their machine is up to date. While Dell was used in this example the same process applies to the other PC manufacturers. The takeaway is that it’s important to understand the release cycle and priority in which the various support sites are updated.