Your Guide to Targus Backpack Features
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The Guide to Backpack Features

August 01, 19 - Posted in: Lifestyle
The Guide to Backpack Features

Targus has an amazing design team that always provides the best backpack for consumers. A lot of research, design concepts, and testing go into making top quality Targus products. Take a guided tour with Jonny Yuan our Global Product Design Manager and Alex Cabunoc our Sr. Product Designer to discover the unique Targus backpack features.

1. How does the team research new and unique backpack features for Targus?

Much of our research comes from experience and testing. All of the designers use Targus backpacks in our everyday lives and in different scenarios so we have a lot of experience about what works and what could use improving. We’re always tinkering and trying to improve our products. In addition, we spend a lot of time researching trends and behaviors. For example, the Targus Work + Play® Collection grew out of the understanding of how people were spending their time throughout the day. A more demanding work-life meant that sports and fitness had to be squeezed in whenever and wherever possible and people needed one solution to carry what they needed for both the office and gym. We also pay a lot of attention to the feedback we hear from our customers. They have a great passion for our products and are a great source of insight.

2. How does Targus stay up to date with everyday consumer needs when it comes to backpacks?

We're more than a backpack company, Targus is a technology company that empowers the connected mobile worker. As an innovator of technology and devices for consumer needs, Targus has a unique and intimate vantage point on how best to protect that very same technology. As a global company, Targus embraces a holistic viewpoint and is able to not only witness but also be a part of trends happening all around the world.

3. Can you share about any hidden safety features in Targus backpacks?

Our backpacks have a myriad of safety and security feature to meet any of your needs. The CityLite Pro Security backpack, for example, offers intelligent features for you, your data, and your personal effects. The streamlined front design is free from pockets to guard against theft. Your laptop travels in secure style thanks to lockable zipper pulls, while the RFID-blocking compartment helps safeguard your data.

For enhanced physical protection for your laptop, look no further than the Corporate Traveler Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack featuring our SafePORT® x D30 protection system that was revealed at CES 2019; shock-absorbing material that takes place on a molecular level in the system. Those are just a few examples of the ways in which Targus keeps safety and security at the forefront of our backpacks.

4. What is Safe Port Sling drop protection technology and how does it protect a laptop?

SafePort® Sling, as featured in the Balance™ EcoSmart® Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack, is another one of our drop protection systems which protects your laptop by suspending it inside the backpack. The unique sling cradle helps protect laptops from drops by absorbing and dispersing the energy of impacts.

5. What is Dome drop protection and how does it protect a laptop?

The patented DOME Shock Dispersion System, as seen in the CityGear® II Topload Case, protects your laptop screen from damage up to 5x more effectively than foam alone by using a system of layered, shock-absorbing discs that distribute the pressure of excessive weight away from the center of your device.

6. How do you test if our backpacks are safely protecting laptops?

We are always refining and innovating the technology used inside our products to protect your devices. To ensure the highest standards of protection, we use outside, independent facilities to test our products to industry standards.  For example, when you read that our 3D Multi-Gen tablet folio is “Mil Spec” rated, you can rest assured that it has been independently tested and verified to meet the “Military Specifications” for drop standards.
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