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The 3-Day Business Travel Guide

May 22, 23 - Posted in: Lifestyle
The 3-Day Business Travel Guide

To many seasoned business travelers, a quick trip is just par for the course. Just another in a long string of days spent on the road. But for those traveling for work for the first time, the prospect of being off-site may be nerve-wracking.

Luckily, with the right work trip packing list, even the most far-afield business travel can feel manageable. Whether you’re traveling internationally or just to a neighboring city, plan your business trip packing list accordingly. The gear you bring on your business trip should be essential. After all, packing lightly is key.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to pack for a 3-day business trip. We’ll also cover the five most essential pieces of gear you’ll need for a successful trip. Don’t worry – your 3-day business trip packing list is easier to attain than you think.

Luggage That Has Your Back

You will likely already have a suitcase filled with dress shoes, business attire, toiletries, and business cards. But that suitcase may very well be checked and stored for the duration of your travel. What about the items you will need throughout your journey?

This is where a carry-on sized traveler's backpack comes in handy. Unlike the typical backpacks you likely had in your youth, a good traveling backpack should balance form and function. They should also offer designs and durable features that are designed to be business-appropriate while on the go.

Consider this Newport Backpack®, with its modern style and durable construction, or perhaps this Urban Expandable Backpack. This travel backpack’s various pockets can hold things like your water bottle and your ID, boarding pass, and more. While each bag has a distinctive silhouette, any good business travel backpack should complement your style rather than detract from it.

Power That Travels With You

You undoubtedly need your laptop, phone, and other electronics on any successful business trip. Being able to keep all of that tech fully charged during an all-day work session is half of the game.

Consider adding a universal wall charger to your business travel list. It can charge multiple devices simultaneously, and, thanks to swappable plugs, is compatible with international outlets.

A Diminutive Dock

When putting together your packing list for business trip needs, don’t just think about your needs. Think about your wants too.

You likely already love the convenience of your laptop docking station back at your office. With a travel-size universal docking station, you can enjoy all the benefits of docking your computer. Hotdesk or present with ease, but without any of the unnecessary bulk in your suitcase.

A Full-Size Keyboard That Doesn’t Take Full-Size Space

Do your wrists a favor and ditch your laptop’s generally cramped typing experience. Anyone will tell you: an ergonomic keyboard is going to keep you comfortable and productive.

But how are you going to fit a full-size keyboard into your travel luggage? Behold: the foldable, ergonomic keyboard! With this amazing Bluetooth-enabled tech, your on-the-go computing can stay as stacked as you are back at home. This gadget is a must-have for your work trip packing list.

A Svelte But Fully Featured Mouse

Does anyone really like using their laptop’s trackpad? Do yourself a favor and bring full capability cursor control with you with a Bluetooth-enabled mouse.

We suggest one that is compact without being uncomfortably tiny. It’s also a good idea to consider a compact mouse that features an antimicrobial coating. Traveling often comes with plenty of exposure to grime and germs, so put the right computer mouse on your business travel checklist.

Targus has been equipping business travelers with the gear they need for decades. If you need reliable tech and luggage that’s designed to keep it all safe, we’ve got you covered. Explore our collection of laptop travel bags and prep for your business trip today!

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