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What a Hot Desking Workstation Looks Like

February 01, 22 - Posted in: Lifestyle
What a Hot Desking Workstation Looks Like

Many workplaces are undergoing a large shift thanks to the growing push for hybrid work. Part of this shift has resulted in what’s known as a hot desk office space. But what exactly is “hot desking?” Put simply, it’s a method of desk sharing that allows any employee to use a desk at any time with an advance reservation. This system allows for a hybrid workplace approach where employees no longer have a designated desk but are allowed to reserve a desk, should they want to use it.

Does this mean that the age of the personal desk is beginning to fade? Keep reading for more information on what hot desking is and what it looks like.

Hot Desking Origins

Hotdesking started in 2020

Hot desking originated in the Netherlands and has been around for a while, but it wasn’t very widespread until the global pandemic in 2020. It’s a simple concept: no employee has their own desk, but instead takes whatever space is available that day. This creates a more dynamic and flexible work environment. With new concerns about social distancing and limiting office contact, more companies have since adapted it.

Maximizing Efficiency

Now that you know what hot desking is, here are some helpful accessories to maximize your hot desk office space.

Portable Laptop Stand

AWE810GL_laptop stand

Using a laptop is necessary when you move desks often, but it isn’t always the most ergonomic way to get work done. Having a portable ergonomic laptop or tablet stand helps you resolve that issue. You can place your device in the optimal position for daily work, with different adjustable positions for you to find the perfect angle. This makes work more comfortable and more ergonomic. And when you need to move — whether to another part of the office space or to head home for the day — it folds up and easily slips into your bag.

Privacy Screen

Privacy screen for hotdesking

When you aren’t in a private space, what is hot desking without a privacy screen? These limit the viewing angle of your device to keep your work from prying eyes, eliminating any potential concerns over confidentiality. But that’s not the only benefit – our privacy screens are also blue light screen protectors to reduce eye strain over long periods and reduce glare from lights or windows. And, their antimicrobial material helps prevent growth of microbes to keep your device as clean as possible.

Cable Lock

Cable Locks for Hotdesking

Hot desking may be great for office layout simplicity, but leaving your devices out in the open does run the risk of them being stolen. Investing in a cable lock for your laptop is a great way to keep it safe from any potential theft when you walk away from your workspace.

More Options

Now you know what hot desking is, and there are plenty of ways to take advantage of a hot desk office space. The point of a hot desk is adaptability across different scenarios while still maintaining productivity. In order to make that possible, it’s important to find the right accessories and create the best desk that works for you. Take a look around the selection of accessories at Targus to find the right hot desking tools for you!

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