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Work From Home Accessories for Productivity

June 25, 20 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Work From Home Accessories for Productivity

These days, more and more people are finding themselves working from home. For employees experienced in working remotely, these changes are nothing new, but those working at home for the first time will quickly learn that working from home productivity depends on planning and the right tech accessories. Adapting your tech set-up from your office to your home requires some preparation and the right equipment. While Targus has a well-earned reputation for top-quality tech travel accessories, we also have what you need to hunker down at home.

Docking Stations

When you are working from home, you will quickly learn the importance of docking stations. If you spend your days on a laptop computer, chances are you want a way to quickly connect to your monitors, mouse, keyboard, and other accessories while keeping your workspace clutter-free. Docking stations are the solution. Targus has a broad array of universal docking stations to manage your home office essentials, including DV4K models with power delivery. We also carry a full selection of docking station accessories to help you get the most from your laptop dock.

Cool Your Devices Down

Person using a cooling pad for a laptop on their lap

Laptops are lighter and thinner than ever before, but they still generate a lot of heat. Keep temperatures under control and prevent laptop overheating with a Targus cooling pad, the leading brand for laptop cooling pads in the U.S. The single and double fan Targus Chill Mat™ can accommodate 16” and 17” laptops and help keep them running trouble-free. They’re available with and without built-in USB hubs.

Cables, USB Hubs & Adapters

Of course, when it comes to setting up a functional home office, cables and adapters are essential work-from-home technology. Targus has the adapters you need for your home office. including USB-C video adapters, 4-port USB hubs, and a complete selection of male-female adapters for maximum flexibility and connectivity.

Keyboards & Mice

Keyboards and mice are close to a no-brainer when it comes to home office essentials. Targus offers high-quality keyboards and mice including slim multimedia keyboards and a range of high-tech mice like the wireless optical mouse with a stow-away cord and the wireless USB BlueTrace mouse.

Screen Protectors

iPad® with screen protector

Help your tablet screen survive everyday knocks with a bubble-free PET or tempered glass screen protector. Our tempered glass screen protectors are made from Japanese Asahi glass, which scores 9H out of 10 on the Mohs' scale of mineral hardness, the leading scientific measure of scratch resistance. In comparison, diamonds are rated at 10. In addition, our glass screen protectors have the durability to withstand a three-point bending test. Should the screen protector somehow break, the thin coating of anti-shatter film ensures there won’t be any broken glass to clean up.

As a trusted name in the tech field, Targus is committed to providing purposeful solutions for changing demographics in the workplace. Go to our website to buy the accessories you need. And, to stay updated on the latest trends and products, sign up for our email list and get 15% off your first purchase.

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