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DeX on Docks Application Note

February 08, 21 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
DeX on Docks Application Note
Any Targus docking station can be used with Samsung DeX. Selecting the docking station that works best depends on how DeX is to be run and the desired workstation peripherals. This application note explains expectations for DeX functionality on Targus docking stations, so users can choose the best fit for their DeX whether they are work-from-home, back to school, or any other remote work application.

Samsung Phone Docking

The Targus AWU420GL is recommended for users docking only a DeX-capable Samsung phone. It has all the functionality of the original Samsung DeX dock, but Targus has added SD/uSD card support. The AWU420GL can also be used with many other phone brands, but a capable Samsung device is needed to run in DeX mode.

Samsung Tablets or Phones

Connect the Samsung DeX tablet or phone to the Targus DOCK419 for rendering the DeX desktop on an external HDMI TV or monitor of any size. You may have to select DeX mode in your device settings. DeX mode supports USB-C Alternate graphics for two screens at once. The local display of your Samsung phone or tablet is available while the DeX desktop is rendered on an external monitor connected to the Targus docking station. DeX can use the USB and Ethernet ports on the dock too.

Any Targus docking station models DOCK4XX or video capable adapter models ACA96X can be used for an external DeX desktop with any DeX-capable Samsung device. However, only a single desktop is rendered even when two or more monitors are connected.

Virtual Machines on DeX

Using a USB-C Alternate Mode dock or adapter is the recommended method for Virtual Machines running on DeX. Any Targus docking station models DOCK4XX or video capable adapter models ACA96X can be used with capable Virtual Machines. It may be necessary to adjust hypervisor settings.

DeX App for MacBooks and Windows PC

If you are using any Targus docking station, you can run the DeX app on a host MacBook or PC. The DeX app can be downloaded directly from Samsung.

Targus DOCK190 remains the only truly universal docking station available in the world. As such, it is an applicable choice for running the DeX app on both macOS and Windows. This is recommended where the DOCK190 is used to build a workstation for highly productive users that may not necessarily be running DeX for all that they do.

The same recommendation is true for any of the Targus universal docking stations using USB STD-A or USB-C, including Thunderbolt, for the host connection. These include models DOCK3XX and DOCK1XX. Connect the Samsung device to any downstream USB-C or STD-A port and start the DeX app on the PC or MacBook. There is nothing to keep you from running the DeX app on MacBooks and PCs connected with any Targus USB-C Alternate Mode, including Thunderbolt, docking stations models DOCK4XX and DOCK22X. The DeX app comes in handy for workstations configured with docking stations being used with various host platforms.

Touch Function

Any monitor rendering the DeX desktop via the DeX app or Alt Mode that is touch-enabled, can be used for touch functionality. It is common to use a local display monitor with touch for the DeX app window. If using the DeX app on an external monitor screen, be sure the touch monitor connection is connected to the host through the docking station.

DeX Desktop Resolution

The DeX Desktop resolution is limited to 1920x1080 on Targus Docking Stations. More information about DeX Desktop resolution is shown here.

Keep Dreaming, Doing, and Leading

There are so many ways to utilize Samsung DeX with Targus docking stations. DeX is not just for rendering to a larger external screen. If you need any help using your Targus docking station with DeX, please contact us at Targus HQ. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear how Targus and DeX have contributed to your workspace solutions.
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