Targus APA108BT 100WDC USB-C Charger Application Note
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Targus APA108BT 100WDC USB-C Charger Application Note

September 03, 21 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus APA108BT 100WDC USB-C Charger Application Note

Targus has released the APA108BT 100WDC USB-C Charger to use for Type-C Power Delivery devices (power sinks) requiring up to 100WDC converted from an AC input source. The APA108BT currently retails for $79.99.

For Type-C Power Delivery

As a Type-C charger, power supply, or wall adaptor it will convert the AC power from an outlet (100-240VAC 50/60Hz world-wide) to DC (20VDC@5A, 15VDC@3A, 12VDC@3A, 9VDC@3A, or 5V@3A maximum). The APA108 is ideal for MacBooks, Chromebooks, PCs, tablets, phones and many other Type-C Power Delivery compliant devices.

USB-C Power Delivery 2 and PD3 compliant laptops and loads requiring much less than 100WDC, i.e. phones and tablets, will draw only the amount of power they require. Power is not “pushed” but drawn from the APA108BT in accordance with the Power Delivery Contract.

Laptops requiring more than 100WDC may still Power Delivery Contract at the maximum 20VDC@5A (100WDC), and some at 65WDC, but then they may clock down and/or Billboard a warning that can be ignored; refer to this Tech Talk article for more information.

For Type-C Power Delivery Pass-Thru

The 100WDC APA108BT is recommended for Power Delivery Pass-Thru applications and use cases where lower power rated supplies are inadequate. Many PD Pass-Thru devices reserve power for their operation and ports. See this Targus tech talk article for Targus Pass-Thru device requirements. This can often be problematic if the power supplied is less than 65WDC and the host laptop will not PD Contract for much less than 65WDC.

For example, using a 65WDC charger may be adequate when directly connected to the host PC. But when using the same charger thru a PD Pass-Thru device, the device reserves up to 15WDC of power leaving only 50WDC for the host. Many hosts will not PD contract to charge at this low level. The situation is much more prevalent when attempting to use 45WDC and phone chargers for PD Pass-Thru.

Normally, it is necessary to consider total power load, the combination of the dock/adaptor and all devices connected to it when using PD Pass-Thru. However, since many hosts will PD at 65WDC, and Targus PD Pass-Thru devices need no more than 15WDC fully loaded, it is not necessary to budget power when using the 100WDC APA108BT for PD Pass-Thru.

Build A Custom USB-C Docking Solution with Power Delivery

Because of the industry’s semi-conductor supply chain issues prevalent at the time of this writing, many customers unable to acquire the very popular universal DOCK190 are forced to build their own powered USB-C Alt. Mode docking solution.

Many are using other Targus solutions with Power Delivery Pass-Thru like the DOCK419 and DOCK423 combined with the APA108BT. The APA108BT is recommended for these Power Delivery Pass-Thru applications because of its 100WDC capability.

Additional Notes

The APA108BT has no USB or Alt. Mode data capabilities. It is for supplying power compliant to the Type-C Power Delivery Requirements.

The HyperJuice GaN 100W USB-C Charger is also recommended for the applications described above. It has the additional capabilities to share its 100WDC over two USB Type-C and two USB STD-A ports.


Contact your Targus representative for more information, pricing, and availability. For Technical Support, please see the included User Guide or visit:

US Website: http://targus.com/us/support
Telephone: 800.283.6325

Canada Website: http://www.targus.com/ca/support

Australia Website: http://www.targus.com/au/support
Email: infoaust@targus.com, Telephone: 1800-641-645

New Zealand Telephone: 0800-633-222

Latin America Email: soporte@targus.com

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