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Best Targus Docking Stations for Microsoft Surface™

March 25, 21 - Posted in: 2021, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Best Targus Docking Stations for Microsoft Surface™

Finding the right Targus docking station for your Microsoft Surface depends on the configuration of the workstation and the applications to be run on it. Luckily for you, almost any Targus dock can be used with any W10 Surface.

USB-C Alt. Mode (Including Thunderbolt/US4) Surface Host Devices

All Surface host devices featuring USB-C Alternate Mode ports work with any Targus docking station models DOCK1XX, DOCK2XX, DOCK3XX, DOCK4XX, and DOCK5XX, and much of the Hyper Product Line. Performance is consistent with the specifications of the Surface and the Targus/Hyper dock. They work very well together.

The newest Surfaces support Power Delivery over USB Type-C and is compatible with any Targus/Hyper docking station with Power Delivery or Power Delivery Pass-Thru features.

Older USB STD-A Surface

Productivity improvements with older Surface hosts that do not have USB-C Alt. Mode ports are best realized by connecting their USB-STD-A ports with a Targus universal docking station — DOCK1XX, DOCK3XX, and DOCK5XX. For four monitor connectivity, consider the DOCK520. 

Targus does not currently support the Surface proprietary power connection however, only Power over Type-C.

DocKtor Recommended

The DOCK182 will always be a great solution for almost any Surface use case but may be too feature-rich for some.  

For those who require up to four 4K60P monitors with a Surface, the Targus DOCK570 is recommended.  The DOCK7XX may also be of interest to Alt. Mode users.

For those not in favor of Synaptics DisplayLink technology may prefer an USB-C Alt. Mode solution like the DOCK430. In fact, starting with the Intel 11th Generation CPU-based graphics in the SP7+, there is support for three external monitors without the need to disable the internal monitor as described here. In many ways, the Surface Pro 7+ graphics rival those of more expensive Thunderbolt host solutions.  The DOCK430 is a great solution for those requiring support for host graphics and power delivery.

The DOCK215 is recommended for those requesting a Thunderbolt/USB4 solution.

For those that know they will be traveling with their Surface, the DOCK419 is an excellent, single-monitor solution with Power Delivery Pass-Thru and fits nicely in luggage or a Targus bag. It is also recommended for those you want to connect their TV up to their Surface as described in our WFH blog post.  The DOCK423 is recommended for a travel like solution for dual monitors.

And not just docks, but any of the USB-C Alt. Mode adapters and hubs shown in our USB-C solutions article will fully function with the latest USB-C featured Surfaces.  Many may also find the Hyper branded products fit individual use cases with the various Surface hosts.

More Information

Targus DocKtors are known worldwide as docking station application experts. Contact us for more information or your Targus representative for pricing and availability.


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